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presto pizzazz pizza oven tricks and tips


Pizzazz Friday!

Pizzazz Friday has come and gone. Here is a recap of the round-and-round action:
We held the first Pizzazz Friday on Dec 18th. Everything took place at the REACTOR World Headquarters, along with our neighbor, Delatorre Creative Group. We set up a webcam and a live-feed of our Presto Pizzazz and had an entire day of Pizzazzing!

Our goal for the day was to spin-cook anything we could, and as often as possible, for the entire day. The idea was to come up with a new list of foods to cook here in our small office. We don't have an oven, so the Pizzazz is the next best thing. We then interacted with Pizzazz-followers via a chat window and our twitter feed. It was a pretty awesome day.

Here is a list of all the foods we cooked that awesome day!

• Bacon and Eggs - Bacon was amazing, but you have to use a pizza pan to collect the grease! The eggs didn't work out so well.
• Pancakes from Batter Blaster can - Worked perfectly, soft on the inside, a little crunchy on the outside.
• Breakfast pizza - Pretty standard, but also pretty yummy.
• Cinnamon rolls from one of those popper cans - turned out better than expected.
• Mini Bagels - Any bread product is awesome on the Pizzazz. Better than a toaster.
• Chicken wings - Best for lunch, easy frozen or thawed (but they have to be pre-cooked)
• Quesadilla with a side of refried beans and rice - This was the most difficult thing to cook because the Quesadilla cooks much quicker than the rice and beans. And I had to create a small foil bowl to hold them
• Frozen corn dogs - works better than you might think.
• White Castle Cheeseburgers - These did not turn out well. Ick!
• Super pretzels - one of the best things to cook on a Pizzazz. Turns out better than the ballpark
• Steak and veggies - no need to explain that!
And finally...
• Double chocolate chip cookies - raw batter cooks great, but you have to start the pizzazz on top and bottom heat, then switch to top heat only so you don't burn the bottoms.

All-in-all it was a great day and we plan to do it again. Stay tuned for Pizzazz Friday part two.
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